Facts about AcuScar™

Formulated to Help:

• Old and New Scars
• Contains 100% Silicone ingredients
• Help provide long lasting moisture to the scar area
• Temporarily helps reduce discomforts like itchiness,
redness, and swelling related with scars
• Helps provide a waterproof block over the area to help
seal in moisture and help keep dirt, debris, and environment irritants from disturbing the scar area.

AcuScar™ can be applied to most common scar types such as:

• Keloid Scars
• Hypertrophic Scars
• Burn Scars
• Raised Acne Scars
• Surgical Scars
• Accidental Scars
• Piercing Scars
• Cosmetic Surgery Scars

An AcuScar Review
How would the average person looking for a product obtain more information on a product they have never used before? The first place majority of consumers look is by performing an online search. Reviewing the manufacturer’s website, like may provide more detailed information for an in-depth AcuScar Review of the product and the possible benefits one may obtain from use of AcuScar™.

We invite you to perform an AcuScar Review by simply reviewing the detailed product information on our website. At you will find helpful information pertaining to the many scar types AcuScar™ may be helpful for along with directions for use, and when results may be seen from use of AcuScar™. A review of AcuScar’s frequently asked questions can help provide answers to the most commonly asked questions pertaining to the use of the product.

AcuScar™ is helpful for diminishing the appearance of a wide range of scar types. AcuScar™ is applicable on the most common scar types, both old and new, and is formulated for all skin types and tones.

Anyone who has fully reviewed AcuScar™ knows that it is an affordable topical silicone scar management gel at just $49.95 per bottle. Individuals who review AcuScar™ and the information provided on silicone ingredients will be well versed in how well these silicone ingredients can help lessen the look of the most common types of scars. The AcuScar™ formula contains 100% silicone ingredients, with no added ingredients to ensure AcuScar™ users are able to obtain optimal results.

AcuScar™ should be applied as directed twice daily, for a minimum of sixty days for optimal results. If results are still obtainable after this time applications should be continued until results are no longer visible!

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* When used in accordance to the package directions, some results may be seen in as little as a few weeks, but user should allow 8 weeks of directed use for optimal results.
*To maintain look of skin, applications must be applied twice per day. Once product has been discontinued appearance will eventually return to original state.
* Product was tested on a group of Caucasian women and results may not be typical for all skin types and tones.
* Product was tested on female subjects and potential male users may not experience the same typical results.

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